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Last week I joined experience project. Little did i realize how it would be instrumental in helping me to begin the  journey of getting past what i have endured the past one and a half years and begin to find myself again. What I do know, is that through reading many questions & answering ones that I felt my input could help, I have had some members privately message me with their dilemmas & ask for my input . While I am no expert by any means ( and i make that clear right off the bat), I take time to ponder their question and than answer with nothing short of sincerity and respect. All I have is my years of life lessons and the wisdom that I think I have gained through them,but I feel that I do have something to offer. If anyone were to ask me which 'celebrity' out there do I most relate to and/or see myself being like...i would have to say that I think of myself as the female version of Dr.Phil. haha...even though my hair has gotten thinner over the years, that is not the resemblance that I am talking about. I just 'get' how he thinks and know what he means and can even say what he is going to say b4 he says it. I can very much relate to the way he looks at the world and the people in it. A lot of the things he says & thoughts he shares.....are the same things I think & believe. I don't have all those years of education & experience behind me in the same way that he does, but I have always had this 'knack' of understanding this world we live in, what ppl are like and what makes them tick, and just how things should be said & done since i was a very little girl. I have always felt 'wise beyond my years'. i am also very sensitive and intuitive where people are concerned & even over the internet, when I meet ppl (especially on the internet,b/c I don't see the person I am talking to) my other senses are more sharper....and my sensitivity and intuitiveness are heightened.  I don't know if what i said has actually helped them deal with their individual dilemmas, but i seemed (at the least) to help them to be able to step back, look at their situation more objectively and see things from a different point of view. This seemed to have helped bring them some clarity and helped them to understand which is the best course of action to take in their particular circumstance. After all...isn't that what we all want and need? Just someone who will sincerely listen to us, truly ponder what we say and without judgement or condemnation, contribute something meaningful,positive and constructive that at the very least....will help them to see things from a new perspective? Help 'break things down' so that it doesn't look as 'big and messy' as it seems? Be that person that they can trust to keep their confidence? I'm gonna check in on them in a few days to see how things are going for them and to help encourage them to continue to seek the help they need to work through things so that they can heal and live a positive & happy life.  As they are young, they have the best chance to heal and live as normal life as possible and it is my hope that my words of advice,encouragement & wisdom have helped (at least in the short term) lessen the weight of their troubles they have been carrying on their shoulders, ease the burden that they have felt & help them have clarity & a new perspective on things. One thing i have learned in this life is that when we keep something that is troubling us all wound up inside of only grows bigger and uglier as it festers within us. But, if we can have just one person who will treat us with respect , hear us without judgement and we know that we can trust to keep our confidence.....than that can is a lot healthier for us than some of the things we tend to do to 'self medicate' in order to get through another day. 

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Posted on 11:54AM on Jan 29th, 2013
Totally agreed!!
Posted on 06:56PM on Jan 29th, 2013
All i know ... is that when i'm helping others, I'm indirectly helping myself. I guess I have lost sight of that since I have been soooo engrossed in my own pity party for the past few years :) And while I would NEVER tell anyone that 'things could be worse' or 'look at how bad others have it', to anyone when they are going through a difficult time, I am finding that not allowing myself to indulge in my one woman pity party [4got to send out the invitations,so I have been the only one to show up to them...haha :) ], is at least helping me feel strong enough to be who I need to be....for myself & those around me.
Posted on 11:30AM on Jan 30th, 2013
Again, you have hit the nail right in the head. It's only when one sees others' problems that one realises how much suffering is all around us and that others are sometimes in a greater mess. In a way that makes our problems get smaller in magnitude and we sort of end up thanking God for not putting us in more difficult situations.
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